Paving The Way For Unheard Voices

Muted Media is here to diversify and transform the Media industry. We take a new approach to journalism, creativity and social mobility. We empower and engage people from marginalised backgrounds to reach their potential in the creative and media industries with a holistic and therapeutic approach.

Jason Mitchell, Founder

After a background in the Radio and Music industry, including over 10 years at the BBC, as well as Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra, Jason began running audio and media courses at Prisons across the country. With an astute eye for up and coming talent, as well as unparalleled dedication to bringing out the best in students who may have struggled in other learning environments, Jason has transformed the lives of many of his students up-skilling them to obtain jobs in the media industry including the BBC. Jason is passionate about music and quality content creation, particularly radio shows and podcasts, he often sees potential in casual conversations that arise in his classroom. Although he was thankful he could use his skills and experience to up-skill those with a difficult past, Jason felt that the contribution he was making to the lives of his students could be improved with more effective collaboration and sustained relationships with students, beyond finishing his course.

Rachel Rigby, Founder

After graduating with an English degree, Rachel was disillusioned with career options in advertising and the Media. She decided if she was going to work for free she would contribute to something close to her heart. After volunteering at a local drug project Rachel began her career in addictions, working closely in particular with parents with substance misuse issues. In 2016, she began her therapy training and began running a service supporting prisoners and their relationships at HMP YOI Isis. Throughout her career and studies Rachel became increasingly frustrated with the media’s portrayal of people with histories of addiction and the Criminal Justice system, as well as the lack of journalism that sought to improve the lives of people they were writing about/filming. At a time when the gaps are widening it is more urgent than ever to represent the true reality from the perspective of those living it. With this in mind, Rachel met Jason in his classroom to talk about their shared frustrations and vision, where they began developing Muted Media.

Looking to collaborate?

Muted Media is built on relationships. We want to hear from everyone and anyone with a background in the areas we work in, from broadcasting and music to substance misuse and probation. If you would like to reach out to us in order to see how we can work together, or how we can support you or somebody you work with, email us.